Change A-Brewin’

Also [two posts in one day–can you tell that I’m procrastinating from my homework?], there have been some major changes in the wedding planning.  It’s no longer in Chicago, for one.

The amount of money we needed for everything [and we were doing it modestly, mind you] made me sick to my stomach.  I know it’s my wedding day and blah blah blah, but I can’t justify spending exorbitant amounts of money on the thing.  That’s not how I operate.  So everything is moving over to good ol’ Dayton.  A magical land where goods and services are cheaper and my parents can help pay for food!  The plan for now is to have it at my old church and have my old pastor perform the ceremony.  Honestly, I’d prefer he do it, as he knows me very well and it will mean more than some random guy we hired off the street.  [I told you our plans were modest.]

So since this will work out being so much cheaper, I AM GOING TO ITALY FOR MY HONEYMOON!!!!  Sorry about the yelling, but there is no sedate way to say that.  ITALY!!  Rome, specifically.  Even with all this, we will be spending a little over half what we would have spent to get married in Chicago [and NOT go to Italy].  I win!

Also, gonna walk the aisle to Coldplay.  Yeah, you heard me!

3 thoughts on “Change A-Brewin’

  1. Italy? Holy wow, that's awesome. Congrats! Do you still need that info about the church? I can't remember for sure. It was either $50 or $200 and it was a refundable deposit. But that was almost 8 years ago, so I'm sure it's changed. Also – yay Dayton!

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