Celebration of the Mundane

Me: [cough hack sneeze] Coworker: “So when are you going to the doctor, Teri?”
Me: “I don’t know.  It’s just a cold.” [Hack] Coworker: “Might be a sinus infection.”
Me: “Okay, fine.”

Tomorrow’s the Big Day.  What are you doing?  I’m going to the doctor’s office!  Yay!  But hey, at this point being able to breathe clearly does sound pretty damn romantic.

And in sad news, the “Looking Good For Jesus” cosmetic line is no longer available.  Sorry girls!  You’ll have to go back to being plain-looking for our Lord.  Or ugly.  Probably ugly.

3 thoughts on “Celebration of the Mundane

  1. yeah this sucks. my mom, holly and i all have a horrible hacking cough/cold as well. they had fevers… i haven't yet… it's daunting, when will the fever hit me… bleh!

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