Celebrate October 7th!

May the blessings of October 7th be upon you all!

I don’t know what it is, but October 7th is always a great day.  If you don’t have good October 7ths, it is because you have somehow angered the October 7th god, and should remedy this situation as quickly as possible.  [I believe that I have maintained its good favor by proclaiming its awesomeness yearly.]

I arrived to work this morning to find out that my building was handing out autumn treats.  I knew this was happening and wasn’t too excited, because these treats are usually taffy apples and I don’t care to eat taffle apples [they are too messy].  But lo and behold, today they are not handing out taffy apples, but cookies!  Huzzah!  I grabbed my cookie and took a short survey about the public transportation I use to get to and from work.  [There will be a drawing where one survey participant will win $100!]

Then I get upstairs, breakfast and cookie in tow, to see the Marketing department is passing out t-shirts and mini globe beach balls to everyone.  Score again!  And tomorrow is a jeans day!  Indeed, another score.

Today is also the first day in almost two weeks that I have not had a headache.  Does the power of October 7th know no bounds?

After work I am going with my almost-husband to his store for boardgame night.  I fully expect to win whatever game we play, unless of course there is another player there who has more October 7th favor than I do, but I really don’t see how that’s possible.  I’ve been proclaiming the wonder that is October 7th long before fifth graders have been alive, assuming they aren’t stupid and held back a year or two.  That’s a damn good chunk of time.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate October 7th!

  1. It's true. Today was awesome.

    Rang raided with us as a special treat tonight, AND we finally finished all the hard-mode achievments in Ulduar, thus getting all of us our Rusted Proto-drake mounts — the fastest mounts in the game!

    Good day!

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