Catty Women and Co-Workers

Today was chock-full of Lollapalooza goodness!  I took pictures but haven’t looked through them yet.  If I have any good shots I’ll do a picture post in the near future.  I showed up freakishly early for the Snow Patrol concert (’cause I love me some Snow Patrol and wanted to be closer to the front).  So I got a good hour of people-watching in.  It served as a reminder of how catty women can be and why I prefer to spend my time with guys.

There was another stage within close-ish proximity to Snow Patrol’s stage and Regina Spektor was performing.  Sitting on a blanket in front of me were two females, a blonde and a brunette, who, well, were those girls from high school.  You know who I’m talking about.  The girls who spent their weekends shopping at the trendiest stores in the mall and got manicures and bikini waxes.  The girls who were cheerleaders, dating the star athlete and barely maintaining a passing GPA.  Those were the girls sitting in front of me with their oversized sunglasses and gum popping.  The blonde looks over at the stage where Regina is performing and haughtily says, “Hi, I’m ugly and I can’t sing–mah mah mah.”

It really annoyed me.  Now, I’m not a Regina Spektor fan persay, but a comment like that is just… rah.  I wanted to say something like, “She’s making an ungodly amount of money performing on stage for cheering fans.  What are you doing?”  Alas, I did not.

In work-related news, Marty is finally back!  I don’t think I ever posted that he was gone, but in mid-April part of an elevator ceiling fell and broke his foot.  So he’d been out this whole time healing and doing physical therapy and whatnot.  It was great seeing him again tonight.  We talked for a while and it was just like old times.  Nice.

4 thoughts on “Catty Women and Co-Workers

  1. I wanted to say something like, "She's making an ungodly amount of money performing on stage for cheering fans. What are you doing?" Alas, I did not.
    I wish you had! And I wish I'd been there back you up. Ergh.
    Seriously, I wonder if we called people out on their immature/irresponsible/hateful behaviour, if that would begin to make a difference in the world. I think it would, one person at a time. Josh and I had an ongoing discussion about something like this (catcalls and harassment) when I visited last time. I still hold that if more people spoke up about stuff, the world would be a better place.
    Like, oh, I don't know, if we spoke up with our vote, too? Novel idea…. Hmph~!

  2. There it is… see it? …. It's the green hue that my skin is turning… it is ENVY!
    Cause I loves me some Snow Patrol too and I really wanted to inject myself with a day of Lolla… oh well, Florida was good times too. 🙂 Work on sunday, not so much…. but eh, what can you do. For some reason, landlords don't accept I.O.U.s so I gotsta bring in the benjamins… or the lincolns, whatever you can get right?
    About cattiness and ho-bags… I agree that there certainly be some bitches in the world (male and female, of course). And often times I like nothing more than to call them out on their childishness. Other times, I wonder though… if it's really worth it.
    I am fully in the belief that we control our reactions to other people. If I choose to be offended by a certain word, it's my issue, not the person that said it. THey have their own issues.
    So it goes that I speculate on this issue. These girls would have probably retaliated with snide remarks about YOU had you spoken up and then, upon escalation, you would have had to demonstrate your black belt in Crazy and kick the silicone out them hoochies and then you'd be in jail and then no snow patrol…. which is BOO!
    haha, on a serious note though, they would retaliate, pull you into their control drama and suck on your energy and ruin your night. So as much as we should speak up and call people out, I wonder if it also causes us to feed into the energy they are putting out.
    I guess this depends on HOW you say it. I don't know. I'm just rambling, mind you. … And thinking of Teri doing flying roundhouse kicks… *giggle* …. ahhh…
    I am also in agreement with Shelly that if we tolerate this kind of behavior by NOT saying something… does that make it more prominant or acceptable?
    Good thoughts.

  3. I hate ho-bags AND gigantic bug-eyed sunglasses.

    Hey, I assume it was so, but, just to be clear … Snow Patrol WAS so awesome that they made your forget about those rancid bitches, right?

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