Carried Away with APA

What do you do when your teacher is retarded? It’s a valid question.

I have one teacher in particular who is, to put it nicely, an APA Nazi. Never before had I had so much trouble with APA formatting, and admittedly I am more prone to APA mistakes than MLA mistakes. I bought a program called Dr. Paper which is supposed to set everything for you and help with citation formatting, etc. Still I’d lose points on improper APA format. [This is when the “APA Nazi” title really took hold.]

I received an email from a classmate the other day asking me if I’ve been struggling with APA in the class. I replied with a slightly more polite version of “um hellz yeah!” According to the classmate, he was a straight student [and this is his last semester] until this class where he is pulling a B mostly due to points lost due to APA formatting. He said he’s combed through style manuals and believes that the teacher is using APA for manuscripts rather than APA for homework submissions [I didn’t even know there was a difference!].

So yeah. The teacher is retarded.

In less Naziesque news, The Cranberries have resumed touring and will be in Chicago on November 25th. I am so freakin’ excited. Tickets went on sale last Saturday morning at 10am which is precisely when I purchased them. Like I said–Freakin’. Excited.

4 thoughts on “Carried Away with APA

    • Would it surprise me to learn that a student of an opposed sexuality to their teacher would change their sexual orientation due to a negative response caused by improperly praised excess of zeal? No, not really. In history men have changed sexual preference simply due to being given consistent disapproval by their mothers or even their grand mothers. I would cite my source in APA format, but this is the internet and I don't have to. However, in reference to the APA, there are several case studies involving likely reasons for a person to become homosexual due to inappropriate emotional responses to educational stress.

      Besides, this is the internet, you aren't required to say what you mean, you just have to come close.

  1. And all of this would be valid except for the simple fact that we don't CHOOSE our sexual orientation…

    APA is stupid, Teri. Punch your teacher in the ovaries.

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