Card Games and Snack Plates

Last night I randomly dreamed that an ex from years ago wanted to meet up [which, in and of itself, is pretty strange as I haven’t heard from or thought of this guy in a long ass time].  He took me to some bar so we could drink, be alone, and talk.  However, friends of his came to our table suddenly and made themselves at home.  He didn’t say anything to them [which my dream self found odd, because it was obvious he had called me there to try and “win me back” or whatever].

So the whole group of us begin doing whiskey shots and we play an elaborate card game that takes 8-10 decks of cards.  Shuffling took a while.  While they were shuffling, I went into the bar’s kitchen to chop up some vegetables for a veggie snack plate.  ‘Cause nothing goes with whiskey shots like green peppers and cherry tomatoes.  Right.

I get back to the table and it’s my turn to shuffle [maybe that’s all the card game was…watching people try to shuffle that many cards].  I am trying to manage all the cards, which wakes me up.  I think: “Really, Brain?  You have the power to give me dreams about sex with Gerard Butler, and this is what you pick instead?  It’s like I don’t know you at all!”

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