Breaking News: Kitties No Longer in Hiding!

I think the problem with Milo and Ellie was simply that they hadn’t had any human contact prior to coming home with us.  Milo is still a little skittish, but we finally got through to Ellie last night.  They run and hide, but if you catch one of them and just start petting them or brushing them, they begin doing a cat’s equivalent of “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” and become the most loving bundles of fur in the world.  After petting Ellie last night, I sat down to watch some Law and Order: SVU with Mr. W and Ellie curled up on my chest by my neck.  And then she slept with us all night as well.  She also nuzzles your face with her face–so freakin’ adorable!

I think we will soon have a similar breakthrough with Milo–he always seems to be a day behind his sister.

I was worried when we first got them.  The shelter had no idea what their personalities were [since the cats had only been there three days and were terrified the whole time].  And when we first brought them home they seemed to want nothing to do with us.  But now they are becoming super affectionate, no litter box problems, and aren’t scratching anywhere.  [We are teaching Milo the wonders of the scratching post, but Ellie has yet to join in.]  I am very happy to have them!

I will also try not to talk about them all time [I realize nobody wants that], but will post pictures occasionally.  Pictures like this one!

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Kitties No Longer in Hiding!

  1. We'll need more pictures soon. Pictures that don't make your adorable kittehs look like they're one, indescribable mass of fur with two heads… 🙂

    Brad looked at the picture and said "what is that?!" lol

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