Bowling on a Bell Curve

I am left-handed, but do a lot of things with my right hand and therefore considered myself to be fairly ambidextrous.  And then I sprained the thumb on my left hand and all notions of ambidexterity went right out the window.  Things take forever now, or I simply cannot do them myself and have to hand a can of seltzer water to Mr. W with my head hung in shame.  I do not think it is a very bad sprain, so at least there is that.  I iced it for a little while and watched a YouTube video on how to wrap a sprained thumb, so I feel that I receiving the utmost in care.

This weekend was good.  On Saturday I went out with Mr. W and friends to the local bowling alley.  If you used to read my blog you would know that I am not that great of a bowler.  Hell, to say that I am a halfway proficient bowler would require a hyperactive imagination.  Or a lot of lying.  The first game my final score was a 48.  Determined to break 50 points, I began my second game with renewed vigor.  It only took my three frames to hit a double digit score, rather than the six frames it took in the game previous.  I was on my way!

Then I realized that perhaps I should be bowling with my left hand (this was pre-thumb sprain) seeing as I am left-handed and all.  I switched hands and seemed to improve.  My score in the second game surpassed my 50 point goal!  It was a 63.  I went to the bar for a victory vodka cranberry which, in hindsight, was probably not the best idea.  Performance declined in the third game and I could no longer decide which hand to bowl with.  I switched back and forth, both with equally not-so-great results.  Final game score was a 46.

48, 63, 46.  These sound like extremely unfortunate measurements.  My friend, Clarence, made up something about how I just wanted to keep my scores in-line with a bell curve and I will go with that because it makes me seem more successful.  Or scholastic, or something.


This is a bell curve.

Sunday we spent the day at the Renaissance Faire where a fun and sweaty time was had by all.  I do not understand why some people were dressed up as Batman or a Fox or the Renaissance Superman, but I enjoyed this costume very much:


Because there were no Renaissance Supermans, but there were Renaissance Trolls!

What do you think?