Boring Job Writing Prompt

Take the most boring job you’ve ever had and write a glowing job description for it.

I once had a summer job in which I helped make a vital difference as an integral part of the automotive industry!  Using both my keen eye for details and my sharp intelligence, I worked as a Quality Engineer and systematically prioritized tiny automotive components into two key categories: “Good” and “Bad”.  Parts that I approved were then shipped all over the country and used in various American-made automobiles.  I had the good fortune of doing this joyous job for ten fun-filled hours a day, six days a week.  I almost felt guilty for taking a paycheck at the end of the week–I mean, this was truly the opportunity of a lifetime.  It was an incredibly rewarding career and next time you look at your car antenna and see a small metal thing at the base, just know that it was people like me who said, “Yeah, that’ll do.”

What do you think?