Booknerd Gets Nerdy about Books

So I meant to post this last week, but I don’t get around to doing things in a timely manner.  I have come to accept this and you probably should too.

Recently I signed up to receive the Quarterly Book Riot book box.  I looked at several different book subscription services (and watched a LOT of unboxing videos) before deciding on Book Riot’s for one fundamental reason: it is quarterly.  I do not need a new book, or multiple new books, showing up at my house every month saying, “Read me! Hurry!  Before you get another one!  DON’T FALL BEHIND!”  I don’t need that stress.  Getting a new box every quarter is more my speed.  They say, “Hey, you should read me at some point.  But don’t worry, you’ve got some time.”

In case you aren’t familiar with this sort of subscription service, a quick summation: You sign up and each month/quarter/or whatever time period they designate you receive a mystery box of fun.  You don’t know exactly what will be in the box, which, to me, adds to its appeal.  I also subscribe to Lootcrate, which is a monthly box of things for geeks of all kinds.  (And I managed to get one of their exclusive Fallout4 crates which I am super excited about.)

Another reason I like Book Riot is whoever runs their Twitter account is on point:


That amused me.

So here is what I got in my first box:

Skippy Dies by Paul Murray

Skippy Dies by Paul Murray

Have not read this yet, but it is sitting on my shelf waiting patiently.  Also that can holder… can cozy?  What is that called really?  It also came in the box.  I love this and have been using it constantly.


On Beauty by Zadie Smith

On Beauty by Zadie Smith

I have started reading this book and am a few chapters in.  Really enjoying it so far.  Man, I need more time to read.  There is too much on my “to read” shelf.




Fun little pennant flag, as they seemed to be going with some kind of school spirit them.  Also there was a print out of the school song from the school in the book Skippy Dies (which takes place in an all-boys’ academy, I believe).




And last, but not least, fun little notebooks!  It was a three-pack, but I had given one to Mr. W prior to taking this picture.



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