Blizzard of Aught’11

Took some pictures of the snow yesterday.  The situation hasn’t changed much, which is why I’m stuck home today as well.

First thing I saw when I woke up. The window is completely covered.

The view out our front window. It was still snowing and didn’t stop ’til about noon.

Again, out the front window.

Our back door.

The front door. The landlady has a guy to shovel snow and he did a great job.

Cars parked along our street.

Our street. Found out yesterday that the city does not plow it. Really hoping they make an exception this time.

Be glad you aren’t the owner of these cars!

Big snowdrift to the right is why we can’t see out our window. See the second to last drift in the back? Yeah, that’s where we parked.

Walkway next to our building. I just thought it looked fun.

And then I wanted to finish this off with some cuteness:

Milo on the left and Ellie on the right.


What do you think?