First, an update: you couldn’t reply to the comments previous.  My awesome webhost/tech guru, Chad, waved his magical wand and now you can.  Hooray!  So get out there and comment your ass off.  I won’t stop you.  Comments make my heart go pitter-pat.

Secondly, a picture!  It was my birthday on Friday.  I wasn’t too terribly excited about it [“depressed about it” might be a little more accurate] and Paige made this cake for me to cheer me up.  Totally worked.  Well, that and her other present: a bottle of Moscato wine.  Yum!

I pretty much spent the day reading, which was awesome.  Finally finished House of Leaves (Mark Z. Danielewski) and Outliers (Malcom Gladwell), both of which I had started months ago.  That’s unacceptable, really.

Purchased with birthday money:

  • In the Woods by Tana French
  • Ghost Story by Peter Straub
  • Third Frankenstein series book by Dean Koontz
  • Tolkien’s Hobbit collector’s edition with original artwork and “Return to Bag End”

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