Becoming Homeless: A How-To

I have put small updates on Facebook, but figured I should do a more complete one here.

We have not closed on the house yet, and I do not know if we ever will.

I found out around 6:30 pm the day before we were scheduled to close that the seller has a 35-year-old daughter who is also on the title.  I am told that he did not know she was on the title, and she did not know that he was selling the house.  She does not want to sell the house to us.

Personally, them not knowing is bullshit.  It’s not like random people can just be added on to your home’s title, otherwise I would be doing that all over the place for shits and giggles.  Also, the house had been on the market since JANUARY.  Her father, the only occupant of the home, moved down to Florida around that time as well.  What the hell did she think was happening with the house?

What angers me the most is she is basically a two-year old throwing a tantrum by saying “I don’t want to sell!” and then sticking her fingers in her ears and saying, “LALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”  She refuses to speak to anyone.  If someone (lawyers, her father, other family members) call to talk about the house she hangs up on them.

There is no reason for her not to sell the house.  She has no emotional attachment to it, seeing as her father bought it 10 months ago.  She doesn’t need to live there, as she owns her own home with her husband in Indiana.  The only thing we (being me, Mr.W, our realtor, and our lawyer) can think of is that this comes down to money.

Friday we served her with a letter threatening legal action.  The server-person (that’s the technical term, FYI) knocked on her door while she was home and she ignored him.  He knocked so long that he hurt his hand and got a flashlight to continue knocking before giving up and taping the letter to her door.

She had until today to comply and did not, so it looks like we are going to court.  The problem this presents is that we are homeless as of July 1st.  I talked to the landlord to see about extending our lease and our apartment has already been rented out, so no dice.

I really want this house–I have fallen in love with this house.  I am absolutely heartbroken at the thought that we might not win in court.  Though, if the daughter’s current M.O. continues, she might ignore the court summons and not even show up for the hearing.  That has to help our case, right??

Hopefully the hearing process is short.
Hopefully we win in court.
Hopefully we don’t lose our current financing and have to start the underwriting process over.
Hopefully this whole process doesn’t ruin us financially.
Hopefully I can handle all of this stress.

That’s requiring a lot of hope, and I am starting to run out.

What do you think?