Be Responsible For Yourself

We need a little less protecting people from themselves and a little more survival of the fittest.  Natural selection is a beautiful thing, people, and should be embraced lest the human race become an idiotic waste of space.

I am against laws that protect people from their own stupidity.  I am for, however, laws that protect people from other’s stupidity.  Example: Drunk driving.  Drunk drivers rarely hurt themselves, hurting/killing innocent people instead.  Drunk driving = illegal.  Texting while crossing the street, however, should not be.  You are endangering yourself and therefore, deserve whatever consequences you get.  Same with seat belt laws.  If you choose not to wear them, that should be your prerogative.

We should abolish welfare, Section 8, and Social Security.  By coddling the less fortunate we are not only encouraging them to be lazy and unproductive members of society, we are enabling them to breed future lazy and unproductive members of society.  End result: over time our nation will be weaker, lazier, stupider, and greedier.  We need to get back to a mindset where a person must work for what they have–it is one of the great things about this country: that a person can, through hard work and perseverance, make a better life for themselves.

I read an article today about how McDonald’s is being sued because by including a toy in their kid’s meals, they are marketing to children.  The article made this awesome statement: “Gardner [CSPI director of litigation, Stephen Gardner] also referred to the argument that parents should be responsible for their children’s eating as being tantamount to ‘a drunk driver that hits your kid saying they shouldn’t have been out of the street.'”

According to this statement, parents should not be held accountable for what their children eat.  Are you f*&$%ing serious?  For a second I had to double-check to make sure that I wasn’t reading an article from The Onion.  Parents are THE ONLY ONES responsible for what a small child eats.  A child isn’t capable of preparing or purchasing food on their own–it is given to them BY THEIR PARENTS.  McDonald’s isn’t responsible if a parent is so lazy that they would rather acquiesce to their childrens’ demands of Happy Meals than feed them something more nutritionally sound.

It’s about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!  It is no one’s fault but your own if you are fat, poor, or unhealthy.  The government [or any other governing body or legal system] should not be made to take up the slack for you.  It pisses me off when people expect the government or some lawsuit to make their lives better.  It’s not the government’s job.  It’s not lawyers’ job.  It’s not McDonald’s job.  It is YOUR job! So either do it, or go sit quietly in the corner while the rest of us do ours.

6 thoughts on “Be Responsible For Yourself

    • @Timm, Hey, I'm on McDonald's side here. I'm not condemning their food, merely stating that people who eat it all the time and then start bitching how McDonald's made them fat are a bunch of dumbasses with no one to blame but themselves.

      • @Teri,

        it's kind of like going to see a movie like Saw XII, or a Michael Bay flick. You go into it full-well knowing what you're going to get. lol

        Same deal here. You don't eat a lot at McDonald's and then get surprised you've gained 20 pounds. (sad face looking down at my stomach)

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