Bands, Boys, and Books

Wednesday’s Decemberists concert was a prettygood time.  There were a lot of people, and it was rainy-ish, so Paige and I parked ourselves on a blanket under a bunch of trees.  We couldn’t see the stage, but lying in the park under a tree listening to live music was a wonderful way to spend two hours.  And I learned a little more French.  She is making it a goal to teach me French, you know, in case we do indeed leave the country and Scotland doesn’t pan out.

Key French phrases I can now say (but not spell, or I’d include them):
– “I am hungry.”
– “They are bad frisbee players.”
– “That guy in the green shirt is hot.”

Currently reading: “A Confederacy of Dunces,” by John Kennedy Toole.  However, once Harry Potter 7 arrives at my doorstep, courtesy of, I’m gonna have to temporarily switch reading material.  Fair warning: should you post a spoiler, I will spam you.

2 thoughts on “Bands, Boys, and Books

  1. I'm more worried about the girls I work with as far as Harry Potter spoilers go. It's hard to not overhear conversations in our cubicle farm. :-/ I'm getting an audio book but probably not for a week or so, so I'll need to keep my MP3 headphones on at all times at work.

  2. I got and read the book, but I'm spoiler-free.
    Well, technically I'm chock-full of spoilers, but I won't spoil you. And if I post something, it'll be under a cut.

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