Auld Lang Whatever

Can’t believe it’s 2008.  I had just gotten used to writing 2007 on things and they go and change things up on me.  Have they no shame?

Last night Tim and I went to the South Loop (part of downtown) to a friend’s apartment.  Guy and a girl.  I’m just getting to know both of them but really like them.  The guy is one of the most laid back, go-with-the-flow people I have ever met.  We ate, drank, and played board games until about 3 am.  While taking a cab ride home, we passed a man who was carrying a woman across a bunch of snow–which would have been sweet if her skirt hadn’t been so short.  Or is she had been wearing underwear.  We had quite an interesting view.

But it was a great night.  I’d much rather spend an evening with a few friends than go be part of a loud and crazy bar crowd any day.  Maybe you think that is lame.  I’m okay with that.  I’m spending a lot less money than your sorry ass, so there.  Speaking of, I’ve decided that 2008 will be the Year of No Credit Card and am making a concerted effort to pay it off in its entirety.  I’m breaking my own “no resolutions” rule.  We’ll see how that goes.

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