As Promised

Here’s the latest in a Day in the Life of Teri. This particular day I was off work and Paige spent the night at our place so we could all watch a massive amount of Lost: Season Two together. These pictures were taken during one of our mini-breaks inbetween episodes.

First, here’s one of Cricket and Ashland sitting together in their favorite chair.
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And a second…
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And at their food bowls (Ashland is such a camera diva).
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Tim and Paige decided to “bust a move” and prove further that both are incredibly white.
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Here’s Tim, practicing being suave.

This picture makes my heart smile. Trust me, weird feeling.
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And to prove I was there, I attempted to get a picture of Paige and I together.
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I’d apologize for my bad aim, but I got all the important stuff in there.

8 thoughts on “As Promised

  1. I also love pictures, so thanks! Those are great ones too – they made me smile.
    Also, the new cat, Cricket, looks a LOT like my cat Merlin. Their markings are almost exactly the same, and they've both got really big eyeballs.
    I actually call Merlin "my little bugeyed freak".
    Affectionately, of course.
    When will you be in town? You said over Thanksgiving?

    • Dustin, LONG time no see. We need Shannon to have another party or something, then I'll be able to see you!
      I've been good–mostly working. How the heck are you? I haven't seen much posting coming from your end lately.

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