Arrrgg, matey!

The morning manager at my hotel was fired. Apparently she had been stealing money (and for quite some time). It was a huge shock to me, as I never would have pegged her for that sort of thing. Never. But I know from previous experiences that I am way too trusting of a person. I’m continually being bitten in the ass for it too–you’d think I’d have learned by now. Alas, I have not.

I just realized I still need to get that CAT scan done. I haven’t been having any abdominal pain so I went back to my tried-and-true method of ignoring the problem completely. Well, what I really need to do is make sure things are cool with my HMO. A different doctor (though in the same medical office) than the one I’m signed up with assigned the CAT scan. I want to make sure that it’ll still be covered on my insurance. To me this sounds like hassle, so I haven’t done it yet. But I have added “hassle” to my list of things I’m all about postponing.

Teri’s “All About Postponing” List:
-Homework (though it doesn’t apply to me anymore, it’s still on my list)
-Phone calls
-Doctor visits
-Car repairs (again, no longer applies)
-The Inevitable

4 thoughts on “Arrrgg, matey!

  1. You'd think getting bit in the ass would help you remember things…I know I would remember something if it came with a bite in the ass…
    Do you want homework? 😀

  2. That list seems familiar…more like the Teri I remember and love…awww warm fuzzies!
    Ahem. I agree, especially with the car repair thing. Can I add "getting a job" and claim it as my own list so I don't have to bother making one? 🙂

  3. Ghosts
    Do your guests know of the hotel's supernatural reputation? Meaning, do you think the guests coming with an expectation of a ghostly experience?
    Oh, and can you throw in a small fry and a popcorn chicken for me? Thanks.

    • Re: Ghosts
      The majority of our guests are unaware of the supposed ghosts. (And I would just like to take a moment to proudly point out that we are the 2nd most haunted spot in Chicago–according to an MSN article I read back in October.) Around Halloween, we'll get a lot of people ghost-hunting, not so much any other time of year.
      I'm going to take a wild guess and say this is Andy–though I don't know how the heck he/you would have stumbled onto this thing. But he was an integral part in my previous "Don't Let Her Get Her" fund-raising endeavors.

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