Area Woman Thankful She’s Not Vomiting

Life today was a little crazier than usual in the good ol’ South Loop.  Like, fire-trucks-and-helicopters-with-search-lights crazy.  An old, abandoned building about two blocks from my apartment caught fire at approximately 3PM.  It’s causing a bit of a ruckus because the building was designed by Louis Sullivan, a Chicago architect.  It’s still burning and firefighters are likely to continue working throughout the night.

The building is also two blocks from my hotel, causing our hotel lobby to be quite smoky.  I’ve taken some medicine, but what I think is a migraine has already started.  At this point, I’m just hoping to get through the night.  Some front desk girls were vomiting earlier from the smoke, so I guess it could be worse.  I’d rather be a little lightheaded than throwing up.

In less headache-inducing news, a guest gave me an Austrailian $2 coin and a something-something coin from New Zealand!  I shall add it to my collection which also includes a French euro, an Italian euro, a franc, some pence, 5000 lira, some bill from Kyrgyzstan, and a stupid Canadian nickel.

3 thoughts on “Area Woman Thankful She’s Not Vomiting

  1. When I went downtown for class I knew there was a fire in the South Loop but somehow didn't connect that with where the fire actually was. Oops. Roosevelt ended up closing the building around 7 because it was really smoky, you could see the smoke hanging in the hallways and everything. After an hour of sitting in it, I smelled like I'd been sitting around at the world's largest campfire. Ugh.

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