Area Woman Steps Up, Regrets

Let’s start things off with an article about a father killing his daughter because she was about to disgrace the family’s honor by filing for a divorce from her husband.  So…a divorce will destroy the family honor, but him going to jail for murdering her–that’s A-Ok?  Where is *that* logic?
And in Teri news — my boss is pregnant and will be gone over the Fall and possibly part of August.  In her absence, someone has to step up and be a go-between my department and my boss’s boss.  Someone needs to conduct meetings and resolve issues that may arise.  I knew this would be good for my resume, both at my current job and any future jobs, so I smacked that panicky inner voice into silent submission and volunteered.I’ve been having duties meetings with my boss and have to say, I’m feeling pretty freakin’ overwhelmed.  It seems like a lot of responsibility.  And, while people are always trying to throw responsibility at me, I eschew it.  I don’t want to be the leader.  I don’t want the buck to stop here, thank you, I want to pass that sucker right along.

I blame my personality.  The guy I’m… well, “dating” is just too simple a term for the non-simpleness going on.  How about “involved with”?  Anyway, he is my personality type–INFJ–and has this same problem with leadership that I do:  people look to you to be the leader as you quickly raise your hands defensively and say, “No way, Jose.”

But I think that, after lots of initial stress and anxiety, it will be fine.  Many things in life seem daunting until you do it yourself and find it’s not so bad after all.  And hey, I’ll get a lot of overtime for it.  Hip-hip-hooray for money.

On an unrelated note, I’m working on a project that has me going through lists upon lists of names and I had to mention the following have-to-be-made-up-last-names: Goodenough, Goodgame, Goodlife, and Goodnight.

2 thoughts on “Area Woman Steps Up, Regrets

  1. LoL, Teri, I completely understand. My boss just put in his resignation. I fought with it for a week before I applied for his job. Not because I want it or want to do it, but because it'd look great on my resume! Pretty sad, I know.
    Anyway, best of luck to you in this endeavor. I hope it all works out well for you.

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