Area Woman Slips Slowly Into Madness

At work today this rather large moth kept trying to get through the window.  Now I realize that, from the outside, the building windows are incredibly reflective.  Most likely the moth thought that because everything in front of him looked exactly like everything behind him he could freely continue in his travels.  He bumped against the windows for a good twenty minutes before I lost track of him.

It’s probably a good thing that moths aren’t that smart.  One day they realize they’re bumping into a window, the next day they take over the world.  Or something else, equally frightening.  Like perhaps they would realize they can take people out by flying into a person’s open mouth and blocking windpipes!  I don’t want to live in a world where moths could do that, so I guess I shouldn’t feel too badly about the little thing ramming its head into the window repeatedly.

In non-bug news, people keep asking me how the wedding plans are going.  I have to refrain from cackling maniacally when I reply.  In other words, the stress has begun to set in.  I keep likening it to that feeling that comes with those dreams where you’re at school about to take a super-important test only to realize that you don’t have on any pants and everyone is laughing at you.

I think part of the problem is that I have nothing to do right now.  I may have organized myself into this stress.  You see, I made a timeline.  I listed everything I could think of to do [and everything that numerous Google searches of wedding checklists told me to do] and listed assignments [whether I was doing it or Mr. W was doing it], and the month in which it needed to be done.  According to this list, I have nothing to do until August.  Mr. W says that this is a good thing–means I’m on top of everything.  However, my brain is not reassured.  My brain is telling me, “Okay, there’s something you’re forgetting.  I know you–you forget things.  There has to be something you’re forgetting and you’re not going to remember it AND YOU’LL SHOW UP ON YOUR WEDDING DAY WITHOUT PANTS ON!!!!!”

3 thoughts on “Area Woman Slips Slowly Into Madness

  1. You could buy your trousseau. Get lots of fun things….I meant to buy a corset for our wedding and didn't and have regretted it. So this could be a fun time for that!

    And sorry I asked how the planning was going! I hope I didn't push you over the edge!

    • @Dru, We’re going to the renaissance festival on July 31st, and I was going to look at their corsets there. I think it would be fun to have one.

      I like talking to you about this stuff–no worries! 🙂

  2. ohhh, nice! I recommend asking them what their boning is made out of. If you want a "real" corset, you want one with boning that ISN'T made out of plastic, as that won't hold shape.


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