Area Woman Scares Self with Google

Okay all you skeptics (being Tim, mainly)–I called Columbia about spring admission.  It was almost word for word from my second little scenario.  There’s no spring entry because of the way the program is set up, which I guess makes sense.  I want to schedule a meeting with someone from the fiction writing faculty and talk about class schedules and feasibility.  If all goes well after that I guess I’m applying come January.  I’m excited to start but also a little wary of the commitment involved (I tend to shy away from commitment).

Went to Barnes & Noble today and bought “1984” by George Orwell and “Everything is Illuminated” by Jonathan Foer.  I’ve read 1984 before but it was for a high school English class and I couldn’t appreciate it as I can now.  (I’ve never liked assigned reading.  It was always the one way my inner rebel manifested itself.  Stupid, I know, but how many smart things do you really do in high school?)

I hope this post is coherent.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve scanned a paragraph to discover I’ve left out entire words.  For example, before I corrected it, this sentence read, “Stupid, I know, but how many smart do you really in high school?”  Silly Teri.  I blame it on the total of 3 hours and 45 minutes of sleep I received last night.  What does prolonged sleep deprivation do to a person?  I should google it.

Scary Things I Learned While Googling Sleep Deprivation:
**Your brain can’t regenerate itself!
**Neurons will begin to malfunction!
**Decrease of activity in the cerebral cortex causing slurred speech!
**Better short-term memory!  (wait…)
**Difficulty thinking of imaginative words or phrases!
**Continued sleep deprivation can lead to DEATH!

I don’t know about that short-term memory one because I’ve been forgetting all sorts of things.  I forgot something mymanager was telling me as he was telling it.

Hey, here’s an interesting fact: “When a person is taught a new skill his or her performance does not improve until he or she receives at least eight hours of sleep.”

And here’s a disturbing comment from a forum user: “i went 4 weeks [without sleep] playing computer games on a bet and won but i would never try it again the last 2 weeks it was hard to tell real from not and the stress has caused me some memory loss.”

That’s a pretty stupid bet.  I sure hope it was for more than a case of beer.

Oh look!  I found a green crayon!  Yay!

What do you think?