Area Woman Says “I Do”

The wedding was absolutely wonderful.  I still almost don’t believe that it actually happened–it feels like something I dreamed up.  My friends wanted me to write a memories post–something everyone could add to–and I thought it was a great idea, especially since my memory is horrible.

It’s weird, but thinking about the wedding being over makes me a little sad.  I keep trying to remind myself how tired and stressed I got toward the end of the planning phase, but it’s still sad.  Maybe my brain is broken.  That would explain the crappy memory, at any rate.  I don’t know when I’ll get the photographer’s pictures.  They are sending me a disc to sift through and choose the shots that I want.  In the meantime, I created a Facebook album of some wedding shots we got with our camera.  It’s public, because I know not all of you have Facebook [seriously, what’s wrong with you?]  You can see those pictures here.

Here are some of my more fond memories:

1. The way Mr. W, my friends, and family swooped in when I accidentally spilled a centerpiece all over one of the tables.  It was a few hours before guests were due to arrive and I broke down into a hapless puddle of tears.  I didn’t have to do a thing to put things right–they handled everything.  It was a very comforting feeling.

2. Standing in front of everyone during the ceremony [the pastor switched places with us so we were facing the guests instead of the other way around], squeezing Mr. W’s hands to death because I was so nervous and trying hard not to cry.  Mr. W was squeezing my hands just as hard.

3. Chad and Keith getting in the ladies line to kiss a blindfolded Mr. W.  We played a game where he had to figure out which kiss was from me [he did, on the second go round].  I can’t wait to see pictures of the guys kiss him though.  It was hilarious.  You guys are great sports!

4. Mr. W smooshing the wedding cake into his forehead because we were both nice when feeding each other cake and people wanted to see some wedding cake-related carnage.

5. Throwing like a girl.

6. The wedding party, after the reception, going outside and having a massive Magic Water Bead fight.  When we got back to the hotel, I ran a hand through Mr. W’s hair and a Magic Water Bead fell out.  Hilarious.

What do you remember?

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  1. The Memories of a Beautiful Day from a Madman's Perspective:

    –sticking my hand in the magical water bead tub for the first time.

    –watching stephanie not-at-all follow directions in the rehearsal and start walking up the side aisle.

    –paige making waaay too much noise with the blender for the pina coladas. we may as well have all found the best metal pot on which to pound right along with her.

    –realizing how incredibly fun Funglish was after we got into our groove and jaime started being the tile sweeper.

    –stephanie's coleman lantern/light house thingie from Creationary. I don't even remember what it was actually supposed to be…

    –seeing your bridal attendants in their dresses: man, they were smokin'!

    –coming around the corner into the sanctuary and seeing you in your dress for the first time. i may have teared up a little.

    –when we were taking the bridal party photos, the photographer lady gave me the stink eye when she asked for the bridesmaids and i stood up with you guys. i said "i'm one of the bridesmaids", and she stared disgustedly for a few seconds before saying "ooooook."

    –chris and i unrolling the aisle runner and getting to the end of the roll before the aisle was done and hearing him say under his breath "uh oh!"

    –standing up at the steps hoping that you realized it didn't matter when your final song had to repeat, because no one was paying attention to the music playing after the bride walked through the doors on her father's arm

    –seeing the thumbprint tree finished: so cool! i want you to post pics of it!

    –finally figuring out what it takes to make the heartless Wallace burst into tears… All you have to do is get married!

    –taking the outdoor fun photos after the ceremony: what other bridal attendant do you know that would hang upside from a playground slide in a tux, just for you?!?! NO ONE! YOU KNOW NO ONE ELSE!

    –and obviously: the massive magical water bead bonanza we had out in the church yard. more fun than it should have been. holly, that sassmonster, sneaking up on me and pelting me with beads!!

    –but i think my favorite memory was when you said you were planning a trip to Hollywood to visit with me soon! (hint hint. nudge nudge)

    –and here's what you would never have known if i didn't tell you right here: going back to my dad's house with paige and literally spending HOURS with my dad, putting the water beads in different liquids to see how they reacted differently: cold water, boiling water, rubbing alcohol, beer, rum, etc. (they didn't react any differently). however, after that, the three of us spent another hour on the internet researching the water beads and what makes them work and how to get them, etc. my father was just as fascinated, so i left all my beads with him.

    Those are the key points that stick out in my mind. The actual ceremony was over in two blinks, but it's before and after what makes the real memories, in my opinion. 🙂

    Hope this helps some of this stay fresh in your mind!
    Love you and miss you!

    • @Timm, Awww thank you for these memories! I had forgotten some of them already!

      I can't wait to see that picture of us all on the slide with you being upside down. Hopefully it came out okay. I am also glad that the Magic Water Beads have caused so much joy to so many people. I am thinking about buying more of them, but I don't know what I'd do with them…other than play with them. That might be a good enough reason…

  2. This one is from my mom:

    My comments on the wedding…
    I always knew you had wonderful friends and I've always liked them.
    But seeing all they did and distances they traveled, helping wherever and whenever they could, made me love them even more and so thankful you have them in your life.
    You are truly blessed.
    No matter how old I get and my memory fades, I'll always remember your wedding and the love Dad and I felt seeing our little girl.

  3. I've never had a day that I could see so clearly from start to finish. It's a day that has fully etched itself in my mind and I couldn't be more happy to keep something so special.

    I will share many more of these memories with you for the rest of our lives, but the most important one that is enjoy is the "moment of truth". Standing in front of our guests with the air drained from my lungs in what felt like the longest moment of my life. Watching the door in anticipation as the music played on. The world fading around me and leaving me with only the vision of the open doorway. For a moment the whole room went silent. The music had frozen, the room no longer cared about it's need to survive off of the air around it, and every living thing had become suspended in time. In that one brief moment of stasis you became the only free moving object. To use words to describe the way you looked at that moment would be to insult the very splendor of your brilliance. Every step closer to me you came was like watching you step through the months that had brought us to that very moment and as you finally came to face me and the history and the present began to become our future you finally looked into my eyes and time resumed it's normal pace.

    I will never, ever forget that day. Ever.

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