Area Woman Pretty Sure She Hates Everything

That “High School Never Ends” song annoys me.  It’s stupid and incorrect and catchy.  Damn it.  I hate anything that comes to your mind when you think of “the red carpet”, “hollywood”, or “celebrity gossip”.  It’s all worthless.  I also hated high school.

This is a hate-filled post, apparently.  Let’s try to counteract that with a brief list of things that I do not hate: kitties, fuzzy scarves, french fries, having a day off work, buying a book, whose line is it anyway?, the sims2, system of a down, my family, and tropical punch kool-aid.

There, that feels a little better.

I’m anxious for the hotel to slow down.  Paige’s last day was Saturday and her leaving has roused my inner rabble, making me want to quit as well.  I have to at least be here til mid-January, so that my vacation time will be paid.  The real dilemma is that if I weren’t working here, I have no idea where I would be working.  I figure I might as well not be happy with my job here, where I know my co-workers, as opposed to not liking a job somewhere else, where I don’t know anyone.

Is there some sort of optimist-training course I could sign up for?

One thought on “Area Woman Pretty Sure She Hates Everything

  1. I haven't heard the high school never ends song yet. I know what you mean about the optimist training course tho. Sometimes I feel like I'm too negative. NOt CONSTANTLY or anything, I just would like to be happier. happy halloween for a few more hours! I wonder if ghost activity increases on Halloween…hmmm. z

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