Area Woman Practices Helpfulness, Hula Hoops

There is a reason I’m not more helpful.  I had a temporary lapse of judgement last week when another woman in my class was struggling with an assignment and emailed for help.  I thought to myself, “You know, I actually understood the majority of this assignment.  Maybe I can offer some assistance.”  I responded to her email.

That was my first mistake.

She emailed back asking if I had completed the assignment.  I said that I had, seeing as it was due the day before.  She said that she was having a hard time and asked to see what I had done.  Hell no, lady.  I didn’t spend five hours on the thing only to hand it over for someone else to copy.  Screw that.  I told her that I didn’t feel comfortable with that but could answer her questions.  I helped her as best I could and that was that.

Until yesterday.

She emailed me another assignment she had done and asked if I could help explain her errors to her or just fix it myself.  Reluctantly, I sent her some feedback, though I really don’t understand where she was going with it.  I just know I’m going to get more questions from her.  I just want to yell, “Hey!  I may seem like I know what I’m doing, but really I barely have a grasp on this accounting crap.  LEAVE ME ALONE!”  But I can’t do that.  I’m too outwardly nice.  I am always annoyed by my niceness and really need to stop.  Embrace your true lonerness, Teri!

In more aerobic news,  Tim’s BF got him a Wii Fit for his birthday.  We had a blast trying it out last night.  With it, I have discovered my hidden talent!  I think everyone has one, and it’s nice to finally know what mine is: the hula hoop.  I might not be so stellar at deflecting soccer balls with my head or ski slaloming, but I am a veritable hula hoop beast.

Tim: “I wish you could see your ass.  Forget dancing, Teri.  Just go to a night club and hula hoop.”
Teri: “Thanks…  I think.”

6 thoughts on “Area Woman Practices Helpfulness, Hula Hoops

  1. yay! I love Wii Fit! We use it all the time. I think the yoga is the best part, though I can't do most of it. Also, watching my little Mii grow to a pillow-like form is most amusing, or it would be if it wasn't supposed to represent me anyway.
    If you click on the running scale in the background on the activities page, you get a crazy balance challenge. I did it on my first try, but it took Keith a month. 🙂

    • I did not know that! I'll try clicking on him when I do it again tomorrow.
      Thanks for the tip! (I really enjoy the yoga ones too, but I have no balance and can't do a couple of them.)

  2. dark blue/black/purple berries are great for improving balance, as I learned at Jazzercise. And of course, the more you do stuff like that the better your balance will be.
    I really really wanted a Wii Fit but couldn't find one for 2 months and then I sold my Wii. Lame, I know.

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