Area Woman Plays with Webcam (in Non-Dirty Sounding Way)

 I signed up to answer marketing questions from something called Survey Monkey.  I did this mainly because I like answering easy questions, but also because they supposedly donate 50 cents to a charity of my choice (Humane Society) for every survey I answer.  I have no way to track or prove this claim, but I’d like to think it’s true.

In other news, my foot is better.  Still looks gross, but I am back to walking mostly-normally on it, as opposed to the hardly-normal walking that I had been implementing for much of December.

Christmas was good.  Visited my parents in Tennessee.  Got a handful of 3DS games that I am excited about, though I’ve been playing too much Pokemon to play the other ones.  Yeah, I play Pokemon.  You want to make something of it?  It’s a fun little game and some of those Pokemon are freakin’ cute.  I try to have the most adorable Pokemon I can, because I think it’s funny to have something get their ass handed to them by something that is super cute.

Me: I want my team to be all adorable Pokemon!

Brother: You suck at this game.

So now I have one dragon.  (And the rest are cute Pokemon.)

Also I have a new shirt, and I really love it.  You can tell by my expression that winter is indeed coming, and that I take that shit seriously.

Here is another one, where I have successfully masked the terror I feel by the impending winter.  And it looks like I am looking at the knitting supplies on that shelf behind me.

This shirt is just awesome on so many levels.