Area Woman Gets Excited

11 days! People keep asking me, “Are you getting nervous?!” No way, Jose. I am excited as hell. If I were any more excited, I would be lying awake at night while peeing my pants. I am also ready to go. We need to get the guestbook poster printed and construct the cake topper, but otherwise are completely ready for this. That’s a good feeling.

In other domestic news, Mr.W and I bought our first piece of furniture together: a couch. The couch we have currently is one I got my senior year of college. The upholstry is outdated and it has since gone through 5 moves–the most recent of which resulting in a permanent depression on the left-hand side. Needless to say, a replacement was sorely needed.

Also, WE ARE GETTING A KITTEN!! Probably around December/January. And it’s going to be a Ragdoll. I am very excited about this! Ragdolls are a little pricey, but they are also just about the best cat in the world. It evens out.

Why?, you ask.

–They are large-sized cats.
–Their fur is like rabbit fur.
–Though they have longer hair, it doesn’t shed a lot or mat. You just need to brush them to help with hairballs.
–They are smart and can be trained to do all sorts of things.
–They are super friendly and people-oriented: greet you at the door, follow you around, love to be picked up or groomed, all around lap cats.
–And they’re pretty!

[I was going to post some pictures of ragdolls here, but apparently WordPress doesn’t like Chrome or IE9–the only two browsers I have.  Thanks a lot, stupid WordPress.]

Dear Year 2010,

You started out pretty sketchy. I went to the hospital a few times, had to use crutches… I don’t approve of those things. But you have totally redeemed yourself. I just wanted to write a letter to tell you that you have kicked every other Year’s ass. (Even that Year when I got to pet a freakin’ cheetah, and you know how cool that is.)

Your biggest fan,

What do you think?