Area Woman Finds House, Excitement

For those readers that may not have seen my Facebook or Twitter updates, we have found a house.  We made an offer, the offer was accepted, we have had the home inspection (there is an electrical problem which the seller is in the process of fixing), and we will close on June 4th, assuming all goes as it should with our financing.  We even got a lower rater than expected, 3.875%.  Very exciting.

Even more exciting is the fact that this house has no wood paneling or creepy basements.  No basement at all, actually, just a crawlspace.  That is a-okay in my book.

Meet the house:

There are many things that I am looking forward to in moving into my own home, and I decided to share my top ten.  In no particular order, except for the one that I came up with, they are:

10. No more needing quarters every week for laundry.

9. No more relying on the unreliable CTA.

8. Having two bathrooms.  (It seems like whenever Mr. W goes to bathroom is the exact moment my bladder decides that IT MUST BE EMPTIED RIGHT! FREAKING! NOW!)

7. Better access to and utilization of the public library.

6. Having my own car again.

5. Gardening! (Who knew that this would ever be something I would be excited about?  Not me.)  Here is a shot of the backyard:

4. Not having annoying people live right above us who pace the creaky floors in the morning, vacuum late at night and either do a lot of jumping jacks or have disturbingly rhythmic sex.

[Not pictured and you’re welcome.]

3. Not driving around in circles looking for parking at 2am on a Saturday night.

2. Setting up some kind of lounge chair in this room and reading while cats sit in the windows and watch the birds outside.

1. The Kevin Bacon marathon that I am apparently having. (It started as a joke, so I don’t know if we are actually having it, but it has reminded me that I have not seen Footloose.  I like things related to dancing, so you would think that I would have seen this.)

What do you think?