Area Woman Feels Blah, Receives Chocolate

Work started out a little blah but Marty brought me some peanut butter cups and I am very happy now.  I hadn’t mentioned this yet but Paige is quitting the hotel.  She turned in her two weeks notice yesterday.  We’re training a new woman named Dolly, who is from the Phillippines.  She seems nice.  It will be sad at work without Paige.

Tomorrow I am calling Columbia regarding their “no spring admission.”  I’ll see if I can someone wheedle my way in there anyway.

College: “How may I help you?”
Me: “Yeah, I heard there’s no spring admission for my program.  What’s the dealio?”
College: [Some pansy excuse as to why there’s no spring admission.] Me: “See, that doesn’t work for me.  I want to start in the spring and I have a feeling that you, whatever your name is, are going to help me.  Come on, you know you want to.  Just add my name, that’s all.”

But then, I’m no good at wheedling.  Here’s a more likely scenario:

College: “How may I help you?”
Me: “Hello, I had heard there was no spring admission for my program.  Is there any way around that?”
College: “No.”
Me: “Okay, well thanks for your time.”

Tuesday, Tim and I are getting Illinois driver’s licenses.  I hear we have to retake the written portion of the driving exam–so perhaps I should study up or something.  I’m sure there are just enough changes in Illinois driving laws to make me fail the test.  But once we have our licenses we can start the application process for our passports.  I’ve never had a passport, and the idea of having one soon excites me.  It means that if I am ever on the run and need to flee the country at a moment’s notice, I could do so.  Who doesn’t enjoy that?

And in Sim News…
I haven’t been playing Sims2 as much, but the first girl, Jenny, is now a child and the twins (Grace and Jaime) have another two days left of being toddlers.  The grandparents still haven’t died.  I’ve decided that Jenny isn’t going to college and will have a child out of wedlock in order to preserve the family name.  The twins shall go off to school together, marry, and live in the same house until they’re old, at which point they’ll move back into the family home.  Jenny came home from school with a friend who, I’m sad to say, is a half-alien.  I really need to have a talk with her about the sorts of people she associates with.  I don’t want any of their kind in my home; I don’t care how well the little nonhuman juggles.

3 thoughts on “Area Woman Feels Blah, Receives Chocolate

  1. LOL. you crack my shit up. poor half-aliens. i suppose one could consider wentworth miller a half-alien, because from biracial parents and all. :::sigh::: wentworth.
    anyway — battlestar gallactica is REALLY good. i'm really enjoying it. lots of military "yes sir" and "no sir" stuff going on. sexual tension amongst the ranks. intrigue. suspense. juicy drama. and EVIL ROBOTS!! YEAH! who doesn't like that?!?!

    • How can you compare biracial parents and biplanar parents?! I am shocked and chagrined at what you might be suggesting here…. that… that… humans are on the same level as ALIENS.

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