Area Woman Commences with the Weight Loss

Today marks the first day of Teri’s Weight Loss Challenge.  However, it has grown a little and is now also going to make me put my money where my mouth is.  My friends, Stephanie and Holly, have also decided that they would like to lose weight this summer.  We decided to create a private group on Facebook where we could keep each other updated and accountable.  To spice things up a little, we have also turned this into a competition and are calling in The Facebook Weight Loss Challenge, since it’s not just mine anymore.

After each Wednesday Weigh-In, we will post our weight lost as a percentage.  The two people with the lowest percentages have to put $10 into a pot.  That week’s winner will contribute no money.  Also if we miss a workout or cheat on our diet [except for our one “cheat day” each week] we have to contribute $1 for each infraction.

At the end of the summer, the person who has lost the highest total percentage of body weight will win the entire pot.  I must win!  Glory, as well as a couple hundred dollars, hang in the balance.

Here is the workout that I am pledging:
1. Workout every day [except my cheaty day].
2. Teri’s Rule of S: Slower eating, smaller portions, and no sweets, snacks, soda, or seconds.
3. Saturday is my cheat day.

I will post weekly updates here as well like I had planned on doing before the challenge grew.

Wish me luck!

7 thoughts on “Area Woman Commences with the Weight Loss

  1. That's awesome! You can do it! Feel free to call me for support also if you need to- I'm currently trying to quit processed sugar cold turkey… : /

  2. Good luck! I'd take you guys on, but I started back in Feb. and all the easy pounds are already gone!

    I highly recommend Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes, if you're interested in that sort of thing. I read it cover to cover on Feb. 2-4 and began changing what I ate on Feb. 5. I'm down 50 lbs. in 3 months and I havent't worked out once.

    Just figured I'd suggest it. I lost weight before when I counted calories like crazy and ran 2 mi. a day for 365 days, but I just couldnt't keep it up a minute longer.

    Reading back over this comment, I realize that I'm starting to sound like a spam bot promoting a weight loss Viagra pill, so I'll just shut up! 🙂

    Now go start dropping pounds like you're Prince Charles at a charity auction!

    • It actually made me approve your comment–probably because you said Viagra. That made me laugh.

      Thanks for the book suggestion. I am definitely checking it out. And 50 pounds in 3 months is freaking fantastic. Congrats, Andy!!

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