Area Woman Celebrates Birthday, Minus the Celebrating

So I turned 30 on Saturday.  It’s one of those “big year” birthdays, so I figured I should probably mention it on my blog.  I hate my birthday, and this year was no exception.  And Mr. W was out of town.

It’s a sign that you have too much stuff when you can’t think of anything to get yourself for your birthday, right?  I mentioned this on Twitter, but my parents sent me some birthday money, and I can’t think of anything to really get.  My first go-to in this sort of situation is to buy some books, but lately I’ve been feeling like I have too many and want to purge some–doesn’t really make me want to run out and buy more.  My absolute first thought for the money was to stick it in the wedding fund, but Mr. W said he would be upset with me if I did that.  Speaking of, Mr. W is also having a problem figuring out what to get me.  He thought he was being all clever and had a list of books I had mentioned wanting on my blog only to go through my bookshelves to see that I already owned each and every one of them.  Sorry, Mr. W!

How about we use the money and go out somewhere nice for dinner?  Perhaps even somewhere that’s borderline pretentious.  That’d be nice.

4 thoughts on “Area Woman Celebrates Birthday, Minus the Celebrating

  1. Borderline pretentious sounds like just the thing.. heeheehee..

    I love you, Teri! You so funny!


  2. Just read through some of your posts I missed. You are the only person I know that makes me laugh out loud SO often!! Hilarious!!!!

  3. Ha, so I actually got back on your site to post the following 😛

    Speaking of having too much stuff, are you registered anywhere? If I knew before, I have since forgotten 😛

    Ooh, and I'll see you Saturday!

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