Apt Search = Eye Tic

Ah, that wonderful little eye twitch is back, letting me know that I am too stressed.  One of the main culprits: the apartment search that Mr. W and I have begun.  You wouldn’t think it would be all that hard to find a bedroom that will both accommodate a queen bed and provide a closet.  At least, we didn’t.  Ah, the naivety.

We looked at one apartment on Saturday that boasted 3 bedrooms.  “Sweet!” I exclaimed, seeing that it was in our price range and in a great location.  “There has to be something wrong with it,” Mr. W stated.  We get in there… the living area and kitchen are nice.  We see one bedroom, kinda small.  Second bedroom is a little bigger.  There are no closets, however.  The lady points out a small closet off the kitchen.  “Where’s the third bedroom?” Mr. W asks.  She takes us to the other end of the apartment where the bedroom is and, I am not even exaggerating, it’s 6×6.  The tenant has been using that room as a closet.  Naturally.

We are looking at one apartment right now that isn’t perfect, but has a lot of the things we want.  Big bedrooms with good closet space, a/c, the laundry room is practically in unit, and it’s so freakin’ cheap our budget would do a happy dance.  Only two problems: it’s a garden, and the ceilings are really low–like 6’5″ low.  It’s fine for us, but there are a couple places where if my father or brother were to visit they would have to duck their heads.  Secondly the floor is a little uneven in places, like the middle of the building is settling at a slightly faster rate than the sides.  We’re still looking, but I keep thinking about the extra money in that budget…

[Updated to add: We are taking the garden apartment.  The eye tic seems to have lessened.]

Also, you may or may not have noticed an increase in posts on this site.  With Mr. W’s help, I have finally learned how the import posts process works on this thing, so every public post that was on LiveJournal is now over here.  It’s nice having everything in one place again.

What do you think?