So I’ve come to the realization that many decisions I make are based on an “eh, why not?”.  For example:
You: “Hey Teri, why did you move to Chicago?”
Me: “Eh.  Why not?”
I’ve been thinking about getting an MBA [Masters in Business Administration] because I can get tuition assistance through my work.
You: “Hey Teri, do you want to administrate business?”
Me: “Not really.”
You: “Then why get an MBA?”
Me: “Eh.  Why not?”
Okay, so I suppose the reason here is a little better.  Or, I should say, my ability to justify it is better.  It would be good for My Career to have higher education than just my B.S. in B.S.  And, might as well take advantage of the discounted education, right?  Also I’ve never heard anyone say, “Man, I wish I hadn’t have gotten my MBA degree.”
But my question is this:  Is my blaise attitude good or bad?  Am I showing a flexible, “go with the flow” attitude regarding life–able to seize opportunities and make those most of them?  Or am I unable to make any real decisions and thus let myself be pushed in the direction presented to me because I’m afraid to step out on my own?
I think it’s the second one.
You: “Hey Teri, what do you really want to do with your life?”
Me: “Well, You, two things immediately come to mind: 1.)  Travel the world before retiring to a deserted island (with perhaps a dog companion) where I can write and read and live in peace.  Or, 2.) Raise a family.  Seeing as I’m not rich enough for the first one or married enough for the second, I’m kinda just going with the flow for a while.”
You: “It’s not too late to achieve your dreams!  Get out there and make them a reality!”
Me: “Okay, I’ve been polite up to this point–answering all of your personal questions.  But you’re weird, and I want you to leave now.”

6 thoughts on “Apathy

  1. pulling a teri
    Ahhh…I miss you Teri.
    I can easily see where you are coming from. My personality can never be described as "type-a" in any stretch of the imagionation. I am sure you remember from college, lol. If friends came over and wanted to hang out or take me around campus, I was cool with it and went along, even to the detrement of my study habits.
    I think the one thing I've always wanted to do was to travel and eventually live in another country. I want that to be the one thing that no one can talk me out of, or that I will give up from apathy. I understand where you are coming from; currently I'm too poor to travel extensively and not in the best position to move overseas (although that's a thought for the future, maybe) so for now I just get up, sip coffee, work, read, and go home, hoping the world doesn't crumble around me while i'm at it.
    *sips coffee*

    • Re: pulling a teri
      "So for now I just get up, sip coffee, work, read, and go home, hoping the world doesn't crumble around me while i'm at it."
      You know, I think this is a very profound statement. Let's move to Scotland. Sound good?
      But seriously, if you leave the country, FREAKIN' TAKE ME WITH YOU.

      • Re: pulling a teri
        Damn right Teri! Let's go! Sounds better then good!
        Right now the main reason I might be leaving the country is because Tim wants to marry me, and as he lives in England and loves the village he lives in, I doubt he'll be moving here. Not that I want him to; I've been to Holmes Chapel and I just adore it!
        But as before, anything can happen (including bad things) so I am taking it one day at a time.
        So let's go to Scotland!

  2. I understand. I don't think an "Enh, why not?" attitude is a bad thing. You've definitely experienced some neat things that you wouldn't have otherwise. It's probably a double-edged sword. A little adventurous, but also with a potential to be a bit dull. Could go either way.
    Overall though, I think I could handle a life like that.

  3. Ok, first, what happened to trying to be a travel writer and getting to do #1?
    Second, I though we were going to Scotland together… I'm still willing to camp out on a stoop in Edinburgh for my dream job.

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