Apartment Pictures

If you’re anything like my mother, you want to see pictures of the new apartment.  Well, wait no more!

Here’s a view of the master bedroom.  I know that the walls are pretty stark–we haven’t hung much up on the walls yet.  Also the bed is not made, because that sort of thing seems silly to me.  Unless I’m having the Pope over or something.  At that point I would probably make the bed.

Here is standing in the master bedroom doorway, looking out at the living room/kitchen.

Living room:


Two bathroom shots, just cause I like the bathroom.

 And last and least, the guest bedroom [with the scary vibes].  It’s still a bit of a mess at the moment, mostly due to empty boxes I still need to give to Paige.  I swear we started out with only a couple stuffed bears in this room, but the animals seem to be multiplying of their own volition.



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