Annoying Sounds, Invites, and a Working iPod

All night there has been this high-pitched humming sound coming from somewhere.  It is slowly driving me insane.  Fortunately, I get to leave in a little under an hour and a half.

Andrea called last night.  Which was interesting.  She immediately asked if I was pissed at her for quitting and I said no.  And it was the truth.  I mean, I was pretty upset at the time, but once I’ve had a night or two to sleep on something, I can’t stay angry.  I suppose that in the long run this is a good thing, but sometimes I just want to be mad, dang it.  Anyway, she called see how I was (same old, same old), tell me how she was (a little less drama-filled), and also mentioned that her cousin called her last night and asked her if she wanted to go to a movie sometime.  And he asked if I could come along.  She said he’s called her a couple times and always asks how I’m doing also.  Muy interesante.  Apparently I’ve left an impression on the young man, which surprises me, frankly.  The one time I saw him I was definitely not at my best.  I hadn’t slept much, my hair was pulled back, and I felt awkward like it was my job.  I figure any future encounter can only be a step up.

My iPod seems to be a-okay now, which makes me happy.  Mike-the-Bellman took it apart and did some helpful fixing stuff.  He started to explain what that helpful fixing stuff was, but I stopped him at, “I had it in about fifteen different pieces…” and decided I’d rather not know all the specifics.

What do you think?