So I didn’t end up participating in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge race/walk liked I had planned. The day of I thought it would be a lot more fun to get sick instead. Boy, was I wrong! Had I gone I would have won a $75 restaurant gift card. That’s hindsight for you.

Mr. W and I have been dating for one year–our dating anniversary is the same day as his birthday [May 30th]. He sent me flowers at work last Thursday for the occasion. My reaction, “Anniversary? Oh yeah!” Sometimes I would swear that I am the man in this relationship, but anatomy clearly dictates otherwise. At least he didn’t expect a gift from me. A woman would never let me get away with such things.

Speaking of anniversary gifts: I think it would be really fun to do that whole yearly tradition…you know how each anniversary is a certain thing like paper or gold or…paper. [Those are the only two I really know of.] But do them in strange ways. Like for the gold anniversary–purchase a bottle of Goldschlager or something equally non-traditional. It could be fun. I mentioned the idea to Mr. W, who replied: “For the wood year I’m giving you a two-by-four.” He’s such a charmer! I could smack him around with it and then [once I was tired of the smacking] use it to start a cozy, little fire. That sounds like a great anniversary to me, so the joke is on him.

[I Googled the list, so it’s here if you’re interested. I guess once you hit 15 years they figure a yearly thing isn’t important anymore.]

The weekend was good. I made banana nut bread. I am not a baker of any sort, but it came out surprisingly well for being my first attempt. His birthday present was a large Lego pirate ship [with real canon firing action!]. I should probably mention that he loves Lego otherwise that might sound like an odd gift choice.

Also, the wedding invitations are finally mailed! It is such a relief to not have to worry about those any more. I feel five pounds lighter! [Note: feelings not indicative of physical results.]

What do you think?