Air Waves and Makin’ Babies

I keep thinking of all these things I want to post about, but I don’t have time to get online.  And now as I sit here with a spare ten minutes I can’t think of a single thing I had wanted to post about.  Such is life.

Sheesh, it’s been hectic.  I have at least two weeks worth of dirty dishes in the kitchen.  Each day I vow that I will do them, but… yeah.  Today I WILL do the dishes.  I will.  I’ve been trying to spend a lot of time with either Reid or Josh and Cynthia, since none of them will be around too much longer.  Last night Reid and I went to see his friend in some DuPaul production and then went out for drinks.  As we walked along the sidewalk, some weird homeless dude said, “Love is a fascinating thing.”  Reid and I laughed and he put his arm around me and practically shouted, “I love you, Teri!  Let’s make lots of babies!”  The homeless dude laughed and we earned another couple of strange looks from passersby.

At work I’ve been alternating between listening to music and listening to talk radio.  In the mornings I go back and forth between NPR and Air America and in the afternoons I listen to my Launchcast music with a brief Dave Ramsey interruption.  I like Dave Ramsey but can’t listen for more than an hour because there are so many commercials.  They annoy me.  But anyway, it’s been good.  If anyone has any talk radio programs they enjoy (and are available on the web) let me know.  I’ll check them out.

Oh, here’s something I had wanted to blog about.  Have you ever been confronted with a certain way that you’ve changed?  I haven’t really listened to Dave Ramsey since I moved and, listening to him again, I suddenly discovered that living in Chicago has made me a lot more liberal than I was before.  That’s not to say I’m a Democrat, because I don’t subscribe to any singular political party, but hearing Ramsey talk and seeing where at one point I would have agreed with him but now do not was a little bizarre.

Well, my ten minutes is up.  It’s time to find something to do that will put off those dishes.

One thought on “Air Waves and Makin’ Babies

  1. I listen to WOWO a lot. It’s local, but they air Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck from 9a – 3p (ET).

    Before and after it’s a lot of local stuff.

    Commercials aren’t horrible either.

    then there’s Bob and Tom in the morning.

    Lot’s of fun talk radio to listen to.

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