Age and Train Games

I feel old.

Not because of my actual age, but because of the ages of some of the people around me.  For example, my brother turns 18 in December.  For all intents and purposes, that’s next month.  Eighteen!  When did this happen?  I can still vividly remember the days when he wore diapers and called me “Resa.”  (If I were my father, I’d then continue on to say something like, “It was only just last week.”  But I’m not.)

I saw a picture of one of my friends and her brother (taken at his wedding, no less).  In the picture, he’s Josh: this big, tough army guy who was fighting over in Afghanistan and is now going to Iraq.  But I look at him and can still see little Joshy: the boy who followed me and my friend around and played G.I. Joes with us.

I think it weirds me out because I don’t really feel like I’ve changed all that much.  I don’t feel a lot of time has passed in which I could have changed.  But then I am presented with overwhelming physical evidence to the contrary.  It’s unsettling.

You know what’s not/less unsettling?  Guitar Hero III is out!!  We’re getting it tomorrow!  Yay!

Speaking of things that aren’t unsettling–they are opening a gym in the building where I work.  And it’s free to employees!  I’m making it my goal to go after work every weekday.  Staying after work for an extra hour will also help me avoid some of those crazy-packed rush-hour trains.  I miss living within walking distance to where I work.  I was really spoiled.

Speaking of trains–Tim and I take the morning train together several days a week.  I like these days, because a train ride with him always puts me (and sometimes the people around us) in a good mood.  One morning I said “Clark and Lake” and he thought I said “Duck and Cluck.”  Since then, we’ve developed a very clear concept of what “Duck and Cluck” is.  It’s a train game where, during rush hour when the train is crammed full of people, a person will throw a live chicken into the air and yell “Duck and Cluck!”  Everyone proceeds to duck and dodge as the flustered bird rockets around the train car.  Once things settle down, people brush the feathers from their clothing and have a hearty laugh.  (At no point have I ever claimed that Tim and I are not crazy.)  We’ve gotten laughs from strangers around us.  We were joking on the train this morning (not about Duck and Cluck) when Tim laughed and said, “I feel sorry for the people around us.”  A woman promptly replied, “It’s pretty amusing, actually.”

3 thoughts on “Age and Train Games

  1. Nice. If I were on a train w/ you and Tim, it would scare the crap out of me….you’s guys is scary!!

    BTW, if you’re looking for “Lamb” it made it here with us. I’ll make sure you get it back when you come to visit. *insert evil DM laugh here*

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