A Trip to the ER

At the risk of freaking out my mother, I will post about what ‘s been going lately.

I finally started taking the prescribed birth control pills.  Now, when the doctor first gave them to me she explained thoroughly the risk of blood clots, blah blah blah, and that if anything weird started happening with my legs to come in and see her.

So three days into taking the pills my knee started swelling up making it difficult to walk, and I started having pain in my leg [Mom, I swear I’m okay].  It seemed a little soon for problems, I’ll grant you, but I started to worry.  I let it go for a day, but it wasn’t getting better.  I tried calling my gynocologist but she wasn’t in the office.  I waited another day and it was worse and a little more painful [Mom, don’t worry].

I left work early and went to the doctor’s office to see if someone could see me as a walk-in.  They told me to go to the ER.  The ER admitted me and ran all the preliminary tests.  Well, my blood pressure was very high–154 over 80–and the admitting whatever-she-is slapped my ass into a wheelchair and ordered an EKG [please stop worrying, Mom].  The blood pressure was most likely due to me freakin’ out about being in the hospital.  Teri no likey hospitals, doctors, and/or anything having to do with the medical profession.

The EKG-technician-lady [official title] electroded me up, pausing only briefly to admire the color of my bra [light turquoise].  Then I was taken, again by wheelchair, into ER Room #12 where I would remain for the next five hours.

I was seen by several nurses, a resident doctor, the resident doctor’s boss, and had blood taken, got suited up for an IV “just in case”, and had an ultrasound done on my leg [see Mom?  They’re thorough…don’t worry].

The resident doctor’s boss came in to tell me that the EKG, blood work, and ultrasound all came back chock-full of awesomeness, and I could get the hell out of there [Teri paraphrase].  So I’m not sure why my knee/leg is swollen and hurting but apparently it’s not dire.  So whatever.  I’ll take some Aleve and prop that sucker up on a pillow or something.

So don’t worry, Mom.  I’m chock-full of awesomeness.  In fact, there is so much awesomeness inside me that there isn’t quite room for it all…thus the swelling.  I just need to be slightly less awesome for the next few days and get rid of some of it.

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