A Topical Triumvirate

First of all, I have the urge to type the word triumvirate.  Not a word I use often (read, ever), and I did not even spell it right the first time I typed it.  Do not ask me why I wanted to type the word triumvirate.  Or, better yet, do not ask why I wanted to lead off a blog post (when I have not written a blog post in over a year) with it.  I wasn’t even sure what it meant so I looked it up…

  • Roman History. the office or magistracy of a triumvir. (Yeah, thanks for that.  I’ll log that away.)
  • A government of three officers or magistrates functioning jointly.
  • A coalition of three magistrates or rulers for joint administration.
  • Any association of three in office or authority.
  • Any group or set of three.

There is also the Homer definition.

I like to play fast and loose with my definitions, so let’s go with that last one as it is the most general.  Perhaps I could think of three things to write about and tie in the word triumvirate so that it has a point in this post.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  I like when things come together like that.  Like at the end of a movie when you discover that all these different characters were actually linked and their stories go together or whatever.  Life seldom works out this neatly.

So yeah, let’s try a triumvirate of post topics!


Actually, wouldn’t my talking about the word triumvirate count as the first topic?  I am going with a yes, because then I have less topics to make up write about for the rest of this post.  Moving on… a third of the way done all ready!


Life is kind of a mess right now.  I am not getting into all of the details because headaches and protecting the innocent (being me), but suffice it to say, I am also undergoing an abnormal amount of counseling right now.  The counseling is helping, though progressing more slowly than I would like.  That is not to say that it isn’t working, however, just that I am a pretty impatient person.  I get annoyed waiting for a Hot Pocket to microwave and then burn my mouth on it when it is done.  Someday I hope to say that I am less of a mess, or at the very least to have spent enough money to have sent all of my counselor’s grandchildren through college.  That should count for something.

I am paying all of this money in order to Figure Shit Out.  (It gets capital letters because it is important.)  If you do not Figure Shit Out,  then… well, I don’t know what will happen to you.  You will get depressed and full of anxiety and want to end your marriage, if you are anything like me.  But do not do any of those things.  They don’t help.  Figuring Shit Out is not easy, but preferable in the long run to Running the Hell Away From Your Problems and Ignoring Them By Watching Cute Kitten Videos on YouTube.  At least, I am assuming that at some point it will become preferable.  I am hoping that once I have achieved the status of Shit: Figured Out I won’t turn around and say, “Man, this is swell and all, but I really wish I had seen more kitten videos.”  That would be depressing.



Let’s see… oh yeah.  Finished the first draft of my fantasy novel.  It is only 78k words when it needs to be more between 90k and 100k.  It’s weird to say “only 78k”.  That is a hell of a lot of k.  And it took me a damn long time.  (Why am I swearing so much in this post?  Apparently, when you are Figuring Shit Out you swear a lot.)  Anyway, I am confident that I can add the needed words in the second draft because I suck at things like writing descriptions and world building, both of which are important in a fantasy novel.  For the first draft I kind of let myself off the hook.  It is fine that I did not mention what clothes the main character is wearing (or maybe not wearing any at all, hello plot twist), but in the second draft I need to add those tedious details in.

Regardless of its shortcomings (see what I did there… because it is too short), I am damn proud of myself. And I really like the story.  So even if the worst should happen and I am unable to find an agent and get the book published and then can’t even self-publish on Amazon because they have “standards” I will still have entertained myself from it.  And that is what counts, right?

No, but seriously, money counts.  This bitch better sell.

4 thoughts on “A Topical Triumvirate

  1. I can assure you, Amazon has no standards with self-pub work. 😛 Check out Chuck Tingle and his treasure trove of writing samples. Good luck with your second draft. Having just finished my own many drafts and the copyedit of my book, I can attest that the real work is yet to come! Stick with it! You got this! Very excited to read it.

  2. What’s am appropriate comment for a blog post to say that this is interesting and meaningful? Pretend I put that instead of what I did.

  3. What’s an appropriate way to put this was interesting and meaningful? Pretend I put that instead of what you’re reading now. Also, apparently I don’t know how to work the Internet.

    • No, it’s my fault. Apparently my blog changed settings so that comments had to be approved. And then didn’t email me that I had comments. Settings have been changed!

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