A Picture, but No Substance

Haven’t posted much of substance lately. Of course, not many substancy things have been going on. I am eagerly awaiting the day that I fly to South Carolina to visit my family. I really miss them. Tim leaves tonight for Florida and will be gone for a little over a week. I actually won’t even see him when he gets back, ’cause he goes to work and then I fly out the next morning for S.C. for five days. But, eh, what can you do? When I get back, he and I must look for an apartment in earnest. Something I’ve recently realized: working a third shift job is in no way conducive to an apartment search. Not even a little bit.

I awoke early one day and, taking advantage of the sunlight, grabbed a book and went to read in the park. I took a lot of pictures while out, but I really like this one. The light flare is cool.
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One thought on “A Picture, but No Substance

  1. Love the flare in the picture!
    Have fun in SC. We just returned from Edisto Beach. It was BEAUTIFUL. I love the ocean, but I also love being home again.
    I really enjoyed getting to spend the evening chatting with everyone at J&C's apartment. Thanks so much for making the trip to their apartment!

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