A Little Guilt and Cynicism

My plant is making me feel guilty.

It all started when I went to California.  I asked a co-worker to water my plants daily, but she got sick and was out Friday and so my plants went from Thursday to Monday with no water.  One of the bamboo stalks turned yellow and died.  I removed the stalk.  But I think I messed up some roots or something because the plant has since gotten all droopy.  Some leaves are turning yellow.  A second stalk is starting to turn yellowish.

I put it in the trashcan this morning but suddenly became overcome with guilt.  I am crazy, I know.  But I can’t help it.  It looked so sad sitting in the trash.

I took it out of the trashcan and put it back on my desk.
The cynicism contained within today’s Song of the Day makes my heart happy.  It’s not on Youtube in a convenient embeddable format, but you can check out the song and see the lyrics here.  And you really should.  It’s a great song.

What do you think?