A Letter and Some Conversation

Dear Hopefully-Benevolent-Cosmic-Powers-that-Be;
Up until now it would appear that my life has been entrenched in the tragic-comedy genre.  I am sure that this is merely a series of oversights, and not conscious maliciousness on your part.  Regardless, I have decided that this is not cool.  So stop that, please.
Of course, maybe you are aware of the situation and are enjoying a hearty laugh at my expense.  If this is the case I promise not to think less of you, but humbly ask that there might be some way that I could profit monetarily.  You know, just to balance out.
Yours respectfully,
A co-worker left early yesterday to go to a high school orientation meeting for her son.  This morning she said:
The Mom: “They are going to a have a trip to Greece and Italy, can you believe that?”
Me: “I wish we did cool things like that when I was in high school.”
Co-worker: “The only place my school ever took us was to see where they made pencils.”
And this was just fun:
Me: “Hey, you’re left-handed.”
Guy: “Yep.”
Me: “Me too!”
Guy: “Does it make you feel different from others?”
Me: “You mean superior?  Yes.”
Guy: “They can’t understand how our brains work.”
Me: “So they’ll never figure us out.”
Guy: “No, never.”

2 thoughts on “A Letter and Some Conversation

  1. In regards to the lefty material- just because you are part of a minority group, does not make you superior. It just means you'll be the first to be singled out for experimentation.

    • The fact that it is a minority is not what makes me superior. It's the fact that I'm left-handed. I'm sorry that I did not make that distinction clear for the, ahem, right-handers.

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