A Letter

Dear Body;

You are on notice.  I know you have enjoyed being sick the past few days, but no more!  Actually, I kind of doubt you’ve enjoyed the fever and constant runny nose, but perhaps you are a masochist.  Perhaps feeling like crap is exactly what floats your boat.  I have always pegged you for the more twisted sort.

At any rate, you are hereby and forthwith banned from getting sick again until at least November.  I want to enjoy my week in Italy and I don’t want to be embarrassed in front of a church-full of people by sneezing and sniffling as I wobble in fevered delirium down the aisle.  [“I, Teri, take thee ACHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“]

I’ve got my eye on you, damnit.  You get sick again, and I will be forced to punish you in a form which will be decided upon once I have ascertained whether you are or are not a masochist.  Because YOU WILL NOT LIKE IT!  No, ma’am!


What do you think?