A Hodgepodge of a Post

On iTunes I was checking out the newest Ani cd, “Knuckle Down” (released January 25th). I really like it. My biggest problem with some of her newer stuff like “Evolve” and “Educated Guess” was her sound had changed so much. It sounds like she’s gone back to her guitar for the new cd. That makes me happy. I’ll be buying it.

I’ve also recently discovered Julie Loyd. Shannon saw her at an open mic and bought her cd. Julie is great, very much in the vein of old-school Ani, but with less angst. Chicks with guitars are always cool, in my book. The cd is called “The Waiting Room.” I know you can find her on iTunes, and I really recommend the title song, “The Waiting Room.” That’s an awesome song. So yeah, check her out. She also has a MySpace page at www.myspace.com/julieloydmusic. She comes back to Chicago in March and I think Shannon and I are going to try to go.

I am awaiting some books I ordered online. The 2006 Fiction Writer’s Market and the 2006 Guide to Literary Agents. I also ordered Max Barry’s new book, “Company.” He’s a fun writer. Keeping in mind with my shifted focus and goals, I also did some research and ordered a self-esteem book and workbook. We’ll see how that goes. (And no, it’s not Dr. Phil.)

Also on the way–W-2 forms!! Whoo hoo! I love this time of year, because it means money for Teri! I intend to give my parents a sizeable chunk because I still owe them some money and I haven’t been able to pay them lately. I’d like to save some, of course. But I think I might use some to get myself a new computer. Since moving to Chicago, Tim has lent me his PC, but I feel badly about having it so long, even though he says he doesn’t care. I don’t even think I can sell my old computer, it’s so outdated. It only has 4 gigs of hard drive space. And of course, I’d strip it for the RAM, cd burner and floppy drive.

I hate waiting for the forms, because I don’t know exactly how much I can expect back ’til I get them all in. This year I have four. I’ve gotten the two from my Chicago jobs, and now am waiting on two from South Carolina.

Someone once asked me if I ever felt weird talking about my personal life in such a public venue. And I told him I honestly don’t. For one thing, I very much doubt my blog is terribly “public.” Secondly, despite the quasi-personal details, I’m still rather protected by anonymity. Most people reading this probably already know me. And if you don’t, then only way to really find me would be to memorize the one or two photos of myself made available and hit the streets of Chicago, keeping an eye out. As I seldom leave my apartment, I’m not too worried.

8 thoughts on “A Hodgepodge of a Post

  1. hmmm….
    if you are looking to scrap your old computer…I know someone in the general Fort Wayne area who would be willing to take whatever you dumped off….
    See, he's been looking for a new Mobo/processor to build a linux box, and he has lotsa RAM and HDD space…just nothing to run it all.
    If you're holding out for money…
    ~digs in his pocket~
    I have 2 dollars and a smushy Hershey Kiss….

    • Chad, if you want it, it's gladly yours (and free of charge!). This is the computer I had in college, just keep that in mind.
      But uh, how would I get it to you?

        • Not really, he and I came to a mutual understanding and I stopped having problems with him about a year ago.
          I just wasn't allowed to use the computer the second Thursday of every month and had to leave the occasional blood sacrifice.

          • Hmmm…sounds like Linux is just the thing it needs!
            I've thought of three ways to get it to me.
            1. Ship it (I'd pay of course, though that might get pricey and I won't want to)
            2. Bring it out to me! (might cost the same as shipping, but we'd get to see each other. Yippee!!)
            3. I'll come get it (same as above).
            4. Wait until the next time I'm in Chicago….(at this rate, 2012)
            5. See if it can hitchhike…
            OK…so that was 5….
            I wonder how much it would cost to ship…?

          • Hmm, based on my limited experience shipping things when I was a receptionist, I'm going to guess around $20-$30.
            There is a train called the South Shore Line that runs from Chicago to South Bend. Cost each way is about $10.
            And I kind of like the hitchhiking idea. I can set the CPU down on the corner and tape a sign to it that says, "Ft. Wayne or bust!" But I can pretty much guarantee it wouldn't ever get to you.

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