A Good Day to Be Me

Today was an all-around good day!  I woke up and came out of my room to be greeted by Tim saying, “You have presents.”  Well, I love presents!  The book that I had been waiting for forever to come out on paperback finally did and he bought me a copy.  He also bought me a package of pocket sudoku books which are wonderful.  (Better do something mean soon Tim, before everyone starts thinking you’re a nice guy.)

But wait–there’s more!

We then went to GameStop and Tim bought the second Neverwinter Nights game.  This isn’t technically for me, but I still benefit and so it made me happy.  The only downside of the evening was when we went to Target and I forgot to purchase some Kool-aid.  I had really been looking forward to that.

But wait–there’s more!

A guy that works at the hotel bar was missing the room number on one of his house charges.  He would have to pay the money out of his own pocket if he couldn’t find the person the bill was for, and it was pretty big–about 60 bucks.  I helped him by going through all the registration cards for the weekend and comparing signatures.  It took a little while, but I found the right room.  He was quite relieved and, Great Odin’s raven, gave me a twenty dollar bill!!  Yay for money!

And on top of all of this goodness, today is my Friday.  I’m off for the next two nights!  Huzzah!

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