A Day in the Life

It’s been a long ass time since I did a picture post of a day in the life, but here it goes…

I started out the day deciding to be productive instead of sitting on my lazy ass and playing Sims 3.  First I decided to take down the Christmas decorations.

Good-bye little Christmas tree.

Then I decided to put on some loud music and clean all the things.  First up—dishes!


And then what it looked like after my awesomeness had passed through:

…and after.

While I was busy cleaning all the things, the various animals in my house were busy being lazy.

Too lazy to even play with her ball.

Lazy cats.

Then I looked outside to see that it was snowing!  (Man, this day is off to a riveting start, I tell you what.)

I hate snow.

Then Mr.W and my brother came home.  Mr. W and I discussed getting a new TV in a couple months before some friends came over and we all went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant.  I would have taken pictures of any or all of these events had I remembered.

After dinner we went to the game store for our regularly-scheduled Saturday night RPG gaming, where I fortunately resumed my picture taking.  Here’s a camo scarf I am working on for my brother:

You can say it. I’m awesome. And not at all old womanish.

I realized that this isn’t the most interesting day so to try and spice things up a little, I took some pictures of the guys I play with.

My brother, Chris, and Ryan.

Tom and Hermine

Mr. W is either consulting his Pathfinder books to build a new character or praying. I’m going with praying.

But this did not succeed in spicing things up.  Fortunately it was at this point that we opened the Rumchata.

Chris is intense about his Rumchata.

Fortunately, this made things spicier.

Ryan is spicy now.

And then here’s a picture of me.  I didn’t know how to pose for it and Chris said “Just look up.”  And I did.

True story.

And then I discovered that I had a package of goodness waiting for me.  Now I can knit all the things!  Soon a second package will arrive with the straight loom pieces.

Again, I am not at all old womanish.

Day complete.


What do you think?