A Day in the Life…

Welcome to what I hope will be a semi-regular event entitled… “A Day in the Life of Teri.”  I’m sure many of you wonder just what it is I do every day, and who could blame you?  My life is a non-stop roller coaster of mystery and intrigue.  So, in an effort to satisfy, here’s a photo blog of my day (being yesterday for you people).

I got off work at 7:30 in the morning and Paige and I decided to go to Target (picture unavailable).  After Target, Paige decided she’d like to go to the video game store to buy a Playstation 2.  We trekked across the Chicago river to the nearest GameStop.

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Unfortunately, we were still 30 minutes too early for GameStop.  We crossed the parking lot to a Wal-greens to purchase tasty beverages and pass some time before the video game store opened.  Here’s Paige, waiting patiently:

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GameStop finally opened and Paige was able to make her purchase.  How exciting.  On the way back home, we passed this:

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I am sure some poor diabetic lost it out their window as they drove by the sidewalk.  Yes.  Skipping quickly ahead–I then slept, played a computer game and came to work.  Here’s a picture of Paige hard at work at the front desk.

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While she worked, I chatted with Marty.

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And pondered deep thoughts about the meaning of life and such.

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I continued in my pondering…

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…until my extremely deep thoughts scared me.  And then I had to stop.

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Now I have returned home where I will promptly go to sleep.  Perhaps next time I do this “day in the life” thing, I will pick a more exciting day.

4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life…

  1. Teri, I love your picture posts. I like the lighting effects on the last pictures. It really lets us know that you wandered to far into the deep end of the pool that is life.

    I saw my first rat in Bethesda last night. I wish I had a camera so I could show you the fuzzy butt lumbering off into the darkness.

    • There’s just something about “fuzzy butt lumbering off into the darkness” that sounds so poetic.

      I’m glad you like my picture posts. I do too. 🙂

  2. Hi Teri !

    I haven’t been on anybody’s live journal recently so I came for updates on everybody’s lives. I love your “day in the life” thing, you
    should do it every day !!!!


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