A Day in the Life

They’ve started filming for the next Batman movie and apparently some of Chicago’s buildings are now sporting the name Gotham.  Paige and I went off on a rainy nighttime walk in search of such buildings.  Though we were unsuccessful in our quest to find the magical land of Batman, we came away with some nice shots.  And this one:

It’s really too bad this picture didn’t come out.  It was adorable.
If you stood on the corner next to my building, you’d be with the homeless guy.  But this is what you’d see.  (Sears Tower is the tall one with the blue things.)
This is the Chicago Board of Trade.  I’m told it’s also doubling as Wayne Enterprises in the new movie.

And now for some random shots…

5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. cool pictures. it always looks different in pictures than it does in real life, ya know?
    they shot the first batman movie (batman begins) in chicago too. check it out. you'll recognize the skyline. the marina towers are in it too. (and i think the trade building was wayne enterprises in this movie too.)

  2. OMG, it's Wayne Enterprises! When I visit you in Chicago, don't be surprised if I hug and press myself to that building.
    Tim's right, watch the first movie, you'll think, "Wait a minute, that's not Gotham." I think it's cool, I'm tired of all Superheros hanging out in faux NY.

    • Yeah, there was a couple times in Batman Begins where I thought to myself, "Wait, I know that street." It's cool. Chicago makes a pretty sweet Gotham.

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