782 Junk Mails

…That’s what I had waiting for me when I arrived home from my weekend in Dayton. That’s just crazy.

So I lied when I said I’d take a lot of pictures. I took three. On my camera phone, no less. I need a digital camera…

Here is Amber and her husband, Tim. The three of us went to the Dublin Pub on Saturday night for drinks and (way loud) live music.
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Here’s me and Amber, at said pub.
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I didn’t get any pictures of Stephanie, but I do have this lovely shot of her neck and shoulders with a rat. They have two of them.
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The weekend was exactly what I needed. I got to get away for a while and just spend some quality time with some of my best friends. Stephanie was so nice and insisted she take me grocery shopping. I was able to load up on fruits and vegetables. Yay. I also got to see/chat with a lot of people from my old church, including Jaime. Jaime and I were best friends from fifth grade up until I left for college, where we sort of grew apart. (She’s actually the one who started calling me Teri.) On Sunday we were able to spend quite a few hours together just talking. I’ve really missed her.

I got to see Steph’s two adorable kids, and Jaime’s two adorable kids, and now I want adorable kids of my own. I’m not too worried, however, because clearly this is crazy talk and will soon pass. Jaime and Amber did help solidify my decision to go for a Masters in Creative Writing–so yay for that.

2 thoughts on “782 Junk Mails

  1. I'm so jealous of your trip to Dayton. The Dubliner in Cincinnati is so much cooler than the Dubliner here in DC, who knew? My dentist's son used to have a rat. His name was Ratty. They're quite cute in the right circumstances. In a cage, controlled on a shoulder: cute. Scurrying along the gutter at night right in front of you: the opposite of cute.

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